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FHGT completes Food Scrap Drop Off Project at MacDonald Park

The City, through GrowNYC, has re-started its collection of food scraps for composting in a number of locations.  One newly reopened food scrap drop off (FSDO) location is the MacDonald Park green market every Sunday.  It's around the corner from the Post Office, on the corner near Austin Street.

The city service was put on hold during the pandemic.  To fill the void, we started doing our own volunteer-run FSDO in collaboration with Queens Botanical Garden and with Big Reuse in May 2021.  We welcome the City restarting the program, and have stopped doing our own food scrap collection at MacDonald Park.  We are looking into setting up a new FSDO location at Commonpoint Queens on 108th Street. Watch this space for updates.

Here are some links about the work of NYC Compost Project and GrowNYC.

      City Council min from April 2020

Save NYC Composting!
Oppose Mayor Adam's Budget Cuts


Mayor Adams, in a complete reversal of his campaign promises, has proposed massive budget cuts for organic waste collection and recycling programs.  The Forest Hills food scrap drop off location, newly reopened after the pandemic, would be closed at the end of June, along with the new FSDO we are organizing at Commonpoint, scheduled to start on April 3. Read our full article, and call Council Member Lynn Schulman at 718-544-8800 to ask her to oppose the cuts. 

"Forest Hills Environmental Group Expands Composting to North Side of Queens Boulevard," Forest Hills Post, March 30, 2022. 


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