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Task Force for Holistic Healing announces A Day of Healing
In Celebration of Earth Day on 4/24/22



The Task Force for Holistic Healing of Central Queens, formed by two community activists to address the challenges we have faced in the past two years, is organizing a series of events this Sunday, April 24, in MacDonald Park, in celebration of Earth weekend. 


Amy Long of EarthCitizens and Mark Laster of Forest Hills Green Team met at a rally protesting Asian Hate and agreed to do their part locally by organizing activities that support awareness of community connections, the environment, and inner peace. Co-sponsors include Assemblymember Andrew Hevesti and Let's Talk Democracy.



The day will start by continuing efforts in cleaning MacDonald Park, and in partnership with the Parks Department, assisting with new plantings for the park. 



There will be several other mind-body healing exercises, which will include stretching, breathing and meditation. By relaxing the body and focusing the mind within, we can release accumulated stress to allow for physical and emotional healing.


A temporary walking labyrinth will be made out of found materials. Participants will be offered a 3-part meditative prompt for peaceful contemplation while entering, walking and exiting the labyrinth. By following our breath and trusting our feet we can calm our minds and bodies while cultivating inner peace. 



The Interactive Humanity Collage will be an exhibit that participants can walk through silently. They will be invited to reflect on times when they experienced bias and discrimination directly



or indirectly, and acted as the perpetrators, directly or indirectly.  There will be a space for people to self-reflect on and address the common roots of hate in our lives.


The Art Flags for Peace will be an interactive art exhibit in which people can write or draw their


hopes, dreams and prayers for a more peaceful community and Earth.  The hand-drawn flags will be hung around the park so that these visions can be shared with the community throughout

the event.


"Our priorities in Albany this year were to empower us to overcome our adversities, help people reach their potential, and create sustainably safer communities. The platform is driven by what is at the heart of our constituencies. In Forest Hills, that's hands-on investment from our local leaders and an incredible sense of community in every aspect of life. It's humbling to work among these individuals and I thank everyone who made this day happen." said Assemblyman Andrew Hevesi, 28th Assembly District.



"Let's honor these past two years, the challenges and our resilience." said Dr. Ida Messina of Lets Talk Democracy. 



The day will begin at 10 AM and end at 2 PM. The activities will be family friendly and open to


all. Light refreshments will be available.


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