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Join local environmental projects with
Forest Hills Green Team

For more information and to get involved, contact, and come to our monthly Zoom meeting.

– FHGT volunteers run a weekly food scrap drop off site in partnership with Queens Botanical Gardens and Commonpoint Queens, every Sunday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at their food pantry at 108-13 67 Road.

Stewards of Yellowstone Park – We are partnering with NYC Parks Department, along with Earth Citizens Club of Queens, to maintain and beautify Yellowstone Park.

Yellowstone Beautification Project - Our ongoing landscaping and beautification project on Yellowstone Boulevard between Burns and Austin Street.

Metropolitan Avenue Tree Pit Project - We are partnering with Metro Village, the local business group, to upgrade the tree pits along this busy street.

Educating Students - We have done climate change presentations for the PS 196; the Reform Temple of Forest Hills; Metropolitan Expeditionary Learning School (MELS) HS; and Bronx HS of Science. Contact us for one at your school.

Advocacy – We have a long history of advocacy for making curbside composting mandatory and continue public education about this program. We have endorsed candidates for the City Council (Lynn Schulman for Council District 29), as well as for State Assembly and State Senate races. We are working with Councilmember Schulman on planting trees that were allocated by Participatory Budgeting.

Coalitions - FHGT is a member of the Save our Compost coalition, the Borough President’s Urban Sustainability Committee, and the Central Queens Against Hate project.


Upcoming activities for the Forest Hills Green Team

Local Law 97 Forum What it does, why we need it and how it works

  • Thursday, April 11

  • 7:00PM - 8:30PM

  • First Presbyterian Church of Forest Hills, 70-35 112th Street, Forest Hills, Queens

Join us for a free public forum to learn more about Local Law 97. Council members, co-op board members, contractors, and others will explain how the law’s standards are affordable and achievable, and why they are necessary to prevent catastrophic climate change. We will discuss tools and techniques for complying with the law by weatherizing and electrifying buildings and making our homes more comfortable and energy-efficient.

Registration Link        Download Flyer

Join Forest Hills Green Team at the NYC Climate Emergency Strike!

Forest Hills Green Team is proud to join Fridays For Future NYC in the Climate Emergency Strike on
April 19th in New York City. This youth-led march will start at 2pm at Foley Square, demanding President Biden Declare A Climate Emergency and end the era of fossil fuels. We invite everyone to join us in this important event to make our voices heard and push for urgent climate action. Let's stand together for a sustainable future!

Climate Emergency Strike - Registration Link


Compost your food scraps & yard waste

One third of what New Yorkers throw away is food scraps and yard waste!
the NYC Dept. of Sanitation organic waste collection program.

All Queens residential buildings - single family homes and apartment buildings - receive a weekly Curbside Composting collection on the same day as their recycling pick-up.

- Leaf and yard waste separation from trash is now mandatory.
- Separation of food waste and food-soiled paper from trash is now mandatory.
- The warning period for Queens (and all boroughs as service expands) runs through Spring 2025. Starting Spring 2025, ALL NYC residents will be subject to fines.

Find out more about how and what to compost here.

Store your scraps at home in reusable containers or plastic bags, in either the refrigerator or freezer. If you live in an apartment building that does not participate directly in the City's food scrap collection program, you can take it to:

Forest Hills Green Team Community Compost
Join us from 09:30AM to 12:30PM every Sunday (year-round), at 108-13 67th Rd, Forest Hills, NY. Volunteers are invited! Email us to sign up.

FH GreenMarket Food Scraps Drop-off (FSDO): GrowNYC Compost Program
This collection runs from 9 AM to 1 PM every Sunday near Macdonald Park and the FH post office, at 70th Ave & Austin St. Find out more at GrowNYC.

NYC generates 1 million tons of greenhouse gas from municipal landfills annually. Landfill waste in NYC is 41% organic material that could be turned into compost. Organic material that is buried in a landfill and decomposes in the absence of oxygen - anaerobically - produces the powerful greenhouse gas methane.

When organic material is composted, decomposing with oxygen present, much of the carbon is captured in solid form before it can even escape as carbon dioxide gas. This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of slowing down climate change we can find.


Contact Elected Officials

Click here for a list of elected officials representing our area, and their contact info.

Contact FHGT

Contact us at
We are based in Forest Hills, New York, United States.


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