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Plug into environmental activities in
Forest Hills and Rego Park at
our monthly online meeting

FHGT volunteers maintain a weekly site collecting food waste for composting, and in warmer weather, engage in various gardening and community landscaping projects.  We participate in many environmental advocacy efforts. To find out what's going on, contact, and come to our monthly Zoom meeting.

What to do with your food scraps until the Queens Curbside compost collection program restarts in March

After NYC food waste collection was restarted this year after the pandemic shutdown, the Adams Administration decided to put curbside composting on hold for the winter, while keeping the Green Market collection sites going.  For those of you who have been using the curbside program - the brown bins in front of your house - here's how you can continue composting until it restarts in March. 

Store your scraps at home in reusable containers or plastic bags, in either the refrigerator or freezer. Take it to the following locations.

Compost Collective
Time: 12pm -2 pm every Saturday (year-round)
Location: Yellowstone Boulevard and Kessel Street

Forest Hills Green Team Community Compost
Time: 10am-1pm every Sunday (year-round)
Location: 108-13 67th Rd, Forest Hills, NY
Volunteers welcome, email to sign-up.

FH GreenMarket Food Scraps Drop-off (FSDO): GrowNYC Compost Program
Time: 9 AM-1 PM every Sunday
Location: 70th Ave & Austin St

NYC generates 1 million tons of greenhouse gas from municipal landfills annually. Landfill waste in NYC is 41% organic material that could be turned into compost. Organic material that is buried in a landfill and decomposes in the absence of oxygen - anaerobically - produces the powerful greenhouse gas methane.

When organic material is composted, decomposing with oxygen present, much of the carbon is captured in solid form before it can even escape as carbon dioxide gas. This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of slowing down climate change we can find. If you aren't collecting your food scraps for delivery to a composting program, we hope you'll start soon.  The NYC Council will be introducing legislation this year to guide City agencies in developing comprehensive education programs about organic waste recycling, and to eventually make it mandatory.

Contact Elected Officials

Click here for a list of elected officials representing our area, and their contact info.

Contact FHGT

Contact us at
We are based in Forest Hills, New York, United States.


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